There's a Cow In My Soup. A funny song by Bryant Oden

Don't you hate it when this happens?


You've been a great server
Even though you're busy
My food is really nice and hot
My drink is cold and fizzy

There's just one little thing
I almost hate to mention
Maybe someone in the kitchen wasn't paying close attention...

Cuz there's a cow there's a cow
In my soup in my soup
That might be why that might be why
It smells like, it smells like cow

There's a cow there's a cow
In my soup in my soup
If it's not too much trouble could you remooooove it now?

I don't have a problem with cows most of the time
When they're outstanding in their field everything's just fine
Maybe I'm just picky or not in a great MOOOOD
But I'm utterly unthrilled to have one sitting in my food!


I don't know how it got there, it's not a common thing
In fact this just might be the first cow in my soup I've seen
So I'll believe you if you say it won't happen again
But it's eating all my salad and that just describes one end

I tried salt and pepper but my soup did not taste better
Then I tried some hot sauce but that just made it wetter
It's hard to slurp your soup when it smells just like wet leather
It makes me think why don't cows shrink when they're in rainy weather


It's one thing to be driving and see some distant cattle
But to have one fighting for my bread is too much of a battle!
And by the way its tail just splashed into my drink
So now I think I'll throw my drink with all its stink right down the sink


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